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ProDigital Impressions started as a business in 2010; however, our knowledge and expertise collectively span a period of over fifty years. We are equipped with the latest photography and video equipment, hence, the ability to offer professional results.

Customer satisfaction is number one on our list, so we make sure to handle your events with careful attention to the smallest details. We continuously strive for perfect digital documentation of your event. We always do our best to deliver the quality results that are worthy of your special event.



Our commitment and love of the visual arts began at an early age for both of us. Our decades of experience are part of what gives us the skills to be a total creative resource. We provide innovative solutions that deliver our best graphic design, photography, video, and voice-over services possible. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We treat each of our assignments as our most important!


SOME OF OUR Our clients


Collectively over five decades of experience in the visual/digital arts field


Professional photographers, videographer, filmmaker, graphic artist, voice-over actor


Our graphic artist is a former Vice President Director of Creative Services for Citigroup


Fully equipped professional photography, film making and sound studios.

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Our cost is per event and not by the hour – no worrying about a ticking clock! No cost for an initial consultation.

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We work with our clients to assure their satisfaction.

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We are committed to providing the excellence you expect from professionals when documenting an occasion for individuals, businesses, and organizations.


Mark Parilla - Your Creative Photographer

In the early 1970s, my Mom had a custom loft bed built with a photo lab darkroom under it. I was my Mom's shadow. I'd go with her on photo shoots as her assistant. I would give her the lens she asked for or the film with the correct light sensitivity for the task at hand. Indoors, artificial light, outdoors, natural light. There were so many diverse factors that were a must-know for quality professional photography. We would develop the film, cut it in strips of six frames and hang it to dry. Once dry, we'd go into the darkroom to work magic. Expose a photographic piece of paper with an enlarger and dip it into an array of trays with chemicals. The end result was black and white photographs. When we would shoot in color, we would go to her friends' apartment and use her lab.

Fast forward to today, where digital cameras and other computer equipment have taken over the forefront of the photography industry. I have the unique advantage of having cultivated, nurtured, and matured my visual art talent in the pre-computer era. I have over 40 years of experience. I do not just bring a point-and-click perspective to my art. Technology is just a tool I use; the tool does not use me.

In my initial evaluation, I take the time to sit with my prospective client and let them get to know me as I get to know them. In a wedding, a birthday, engagement, home for sale listing, political campaign commercial, etc., in any event, someone that knows you a little better and someone you have gotten acquainted with will be a better fit. Communication should be comfortable and genuine when you are hiring someone to document an event that is important to you and will never happen the same way again.

Prodigital Impressions is committed to providing the best level of quality and service to all of our customers.